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Dealing with the pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone, in any industry. For retail, it’s been particularly difficult.

However, while there’s no end to the challenges ahead, this unprecedented period is also forcing companies to innovate like they never have before. We’re proud to see many of our wonderful RetailSpaces partners taking the opportunity to pivot in ways that better serve the retail industry in a time of need and uncertainty.

Here are the companies that have pivoted to create unique offerings:

This list will be updated periodically so please check back. (LAST UPDATED July 24, 2020)

Capitol Light

As well as offering UV lighting and anti-microbial solutions to prevent the spread of COVID, Capitol Light is also offering a host of other non-lighting solutions to adapt stores. The company has added a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser that can be custom-branded. It’s also sourcing sneeze guards, UV Totes, UV Cabinets, desktop barriers, and social distance signage offerings for its clients.


For more than 35 years, Opto has been developing display solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of tomorrow’s retailers. They have now brought ingenuity to their offerings to help retailers adapt in the era of COVID-19. Modular queuing line configurations, mobile BOPIS counters, pop-up securable shops and private supply rooms, mobile screens and dividers, and freestanding sneeze guards are just a few of their new offerings.


With a 20-year track record protecting walls and surfaces, during the pandemic, Inpro has been testing and developing surfaces and wallcoverings that can stand up to increased cleaning procedures. Its Ricochet flexible wall protection replaces traditional wallpaper with a durable, impact resistant, and decorative wallcovering that won't fade or discolor, even when exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals, like undiluted bleach. It's also resistant to UV damage from electrostatic cleaning procedures currently being rolled out in the midst of COVID-19.


OMNOVA, a leading manufacturer of decorative laminates has rigorously tested their products to ensure they can withstand repeated cleaning with disinfectants approved for use against COVID-19. Testing has shown there is no concern for discoloration or damage to the laminate finish. 

Goldsmith Creates

Goldsmith Creates, a full-service custom retail fixture manufacturer, and part of the NOABRANDS portfolio, recently launched its Goldsmith Cares initiative. In an effort to create healthy workplaces for employees as stores re-open, the new offering supplies retailers with PPE products and other solutions including hand sanitizer, masks, face shields, gloves, and cashier barriers.


With the focus well and truly on employee and customer health as retailers reopen stores, Dyson is hoping to meet the need with its Airblade hand dryer. Equipped with sealed HEPA filters, this unit is proven to capture 99.7 percent of particles, including bacteria and viruses. A touch-free solution for restrooms, guests and staff are able to dry their hands in just 10-14 seconds, ensuring they don't leave with damp hands, which can transmit up to 1,000 times more bacteria.

VGS Studio

VGS designs and manufactures customized visual communication systems, interior and exterior signage, display fixtures, and more for in-store environments. To help retailers adapt, VGS has come up with new solutions to ensure the safety of guests at key points in the physical customer journey such as protective guards for dining areas, floor graphics, and hand sanitizer fixtures.


Today, IDL designs and produces memorable in-store experiences, ranging from flagship stores to pop-ups. But when it first began in 1943, it started out producing supplies for the nation’s war efforts. The company is going back to its roots during the pandemic, manufacturing PPE like face shields for frontline workers, as well as in-store fixtures such as sneeze guards and adhesive floor graphics as stores adjust to social distancing requirements. 


Artitalia specializes in end-to-end solutions for retailers, from design, to manufacturing fixtures, right through to concept installation and operations solutions. In the age of COVID, the company is now rolling out all manner of safety shields to ensure safety at checkouts, drive-thru windows, queuing systems, as well as PPE and floor decals to assist social distancing efforts. Artitalia is also donating a portion of its sales of protective safety shields to families and individuals affected by the pandemic.

Regency Lighting

Regency Lighting realizes its clients’ needs are shifting rapidly to ensure customer and workforce safety. As well as sourcing germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light units to help sanitize retail environments, the company is also making itself a go-to provider for retailers to source all of their PPE and sanitizing products.


Global brand experience agency, Sparks, has quickly pivoted to continue creating retail experiences, albeit those designed for the age of social distancing. They now can assist retailers with spatial strategy, architectural cues, traffic flow, and contactless technologies in order to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19. Custom-made, branded sneeze guards, sanitization stations, and PPE are also available through Sparks.


Vaswani, a retail design and custom fixture manufacturer has pivoted to meet retailers’ newfound need for PPE and safety supplies. Customers can now source gloves, hand sanitizer, and digital thermometers from Vaswani, as well as  normal and branded facemasks for workers. 


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