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Maybe you’ve heard the news… after having to take a year off, RetailSpaces is back, in-person, this September (19-21)! We’re really psyched to come together with you all again — we have a lot of stuff to catch up on this year!

Like everyone else, the last 12 months have forced us to take a careful look at everything we do. When we come together in San Diego, RetailSpaces will feel pretty different from what it used to be like. 

Here are some of the ways we’re changing (for the better 😉.)

Safety First

Our chief concern this year is ensuring the well being of our attendees, staff, and event partner crews. 

As well as requiring a negative COVID-19 test result (or proof of vaccination) from all in attendance, we’ll be providing contactless registration and ample sanitizer stations on-site. Recommended social distancing and capacity limits will also be adhered to.

We’re keeping vigilant of any changes in government and health authority regulations and recommendations as we draw nearer to September, and will update our protocols accordingly. Wanna check out what else we’re doing on the health and safety front? Head here.


Nothin’ Like Fresh Air

This year, we’re taking things outdoors as much as possible. Rather than cramming you all into a ballroom to hear from our featured speakers, we’ll host many of our sessions in open-air tents and on terraces, taking advantage of San Diego’s warm and welcoming climate.

Think breakfast keynotes, interactive AMA sessions, peer-to-peer roundtables and sunset cocktail hours all outside of the usual confines of a conference center. 

And Now for Something That’s Not Changing… 

Something we pride ourselves on is that our events are the opposite of a trade show. This year, we’ll be continuing that tradition. RetailSpaces ‘21 will be limited to 275 attendees. 

As well as helping us keep the retreat as safe as possible, this smaller size helps ensure RetailSpaces remains intimate and conducive to creating genuine connections. 


Less Talks, More Talking

After more than a year of yawning through webinars, half-listening to other people talk… it’s about time we got talking with one another again. 

One of the most anticipated components of our in-person retreat has always been our peer-to-peer breakout sessions. While our attendees enjoyed hearing from retail innovators on the mainstage, it was in these small, closed-door roundtables where the real learning took place. 

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re allocating more time for these candid discussions around topics top-of-mind to you right now.

We’ve also learned a lot from running our digital MasterMind sessions over the last year (sign up for an upcoming roundtable here, BTW). Based on what we’ve been putting into practice with these, you can expect a much more interactive, focused experience when you get together with like-minded folks again.



More Time To Chill

One thing RetailSpaces became known for was our jam-packed schedule. In trying to cram as much inspirational and thought-provoking content into our program, often, attendees were left with little time to take a breather. 

Well, it’s 2021, and it’s been a damn long while since you’ve attended an event, let alone mingled with business friends. We get it… after so much time working from home behind a computer screen, it might be a little overwhelming. The last thing we want to do is overwhelm you with a sensory overload.

We’ll be leaving a lot more space in this year’s agenda for you to take a break from it all.


… the Same Goes with Networking

The best thing about RetailSpaces isn’t the cutting-edge content… it’s the connections you make and the community you find when you’re with us. 

Our retreats are renowned for breaking down the barriers between each other and encouraging the kind of genuine interactions that can lead to lasting friendships and partnerships. Sure, that idea you heard during a keynote is handy, but hanging out in a relaxing environment and connecting with people who “speak your language ” is what it’s actually all about. In September, you’ll have plenty of time for more organic, serendipitous connections.

We can’t wait to see you in September. Haven’t requested an invite yet? Do it now.

Jason Schwab

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Content + event producer with an innate, insatiable curiosity. Fixated on retail, restaurant, and hospitality design.

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September 19-21,2021 | San Diego, CA

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