What Retailers Can Learn from the Cannabis Industry

Megan Stone’s list of accolades more than qualifies her as one of retail design’s latest up-and-coming stars.

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13 Retailers Leveraging Tech to Elevate the In-Store Experience

Strolling down the aisle of late, shoppers can sense a transformation is underway. Retailers are investing in numerous digital tools and platforms to both elevate the in-store experience and provide shoppers greater convenience.

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The Convergence of Physical and Digital in Retail

When Samsung opened their high-concept retail store Samsung 837 in the heart of New York City's Meatpacking District, it was hailed as a "tech-lover's dream come true."

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The Good and Bad of Value Engineering in Retail

The shift of consumer behavior in the digital age has led retailers to reassess their brick-and-mortar strategies. While there are some brands thriving and expanding,the growing trend is toward consolidation. 

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Robots, Drones & Kale: How Amazon-Whole Foods Will Revolutionize the Way We Shop

Back in December, Amazon released a video introducing Amazon Go – a game-changing store concept devoid of checkouts, allowing customers to grab and go with a flash of their phone.

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These 30 Retailers Are Actually Opening Stores

If you’ve turned on the news in recent months, you may have been led to believe that the world is in the midst of a “RetailPocalypse.”

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7 Retailers Successfully Reinventing their Physical Stores

The avalanche of store closures has made it clear that more and more consumers are turning to their computer screens for a retail fix. Each downfall of a time-honored brand seems to confirm that consumers have totally ghosted malls in favor of...

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What Do Millennials Want From Retail? Kim Lear Offers Some Answers

Kim Lear believes Millennial and Gen Z shoppers want two seemingly incongruous things – a seamless high-tech experience combined with the personal attention offered in a couturier’s salon. Cookie cutter chain stores  and megamalls are out....

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How Does Alamo Drafthouse Balance Uniqueness and Scalability?

Launched in 1997 in Austin, TX – the Southwest’s answer to Portlandia – Alamo Drafthouse has grown from two properties to a national chain. By 2018, Alamo will have 50 locations – from San Francisco to Kalamazoo to Yonkers.

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