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The fall of the American mall is a well-chronicled tale, yet the traditional enclosed mall's decline paves the way for a new era in retail. 

Leading the charge into this future is Yaromir Steiner, the visionary behind Easton Town Center who stands at the forefront of reimagining retail spaces for the next generation. Today, this sprawling mixed-use development is the country’s #1 trafficked open-air shopping center and offers a glimpse at the hopeful future ahead. 

At RetailSpaces Spring ‘24 in Austin, WD Partners EVP of Thought Leadership, Lee Peterson, sat down with Yaromir for a rare and insightful deep dive into his thoughts around the history of the mall so far, and what could be on the horizon for the sector.

Catch the full conversation for a firsthand look at how Steiner approaches the creation of standout shopping experiences—by thinking holistically and empathetically about the way that people live their lives. 


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